About Sirenes


About Sirenes:

Sirenes is known for her abstract, colourful, powerful and vibrant paintings. Sirenes was started by Siren Fristad in 2008 in Oslo, Norway and in 2011 she had her first solo exhibition in Oslo, Norway. Siren always loved being creative as a young girl and especially painting. Sirenes has participated in several exhibitions around the world, like in the UK, Italy, Canada, United States and China. Her art is sold to people around the world from USA, Norway, Australia and Morocco. She has won several awards around the world for her art.


Biographical Information: 

Siren Merete Fristad, artist name Sirenes was born in 1966 in Kristiansand, Norway, now live and work outside Oslo, Norway. She has 4 children with her husband Sigurd Fristad. Her education is technical drawer, but she began her career in a kindergarten and as a model as a young woman. She has started several businesses with her husband Sigurd, you might have heard about one of Nordic most sold smoothie brand Froosh. She was one of the founders. She wanted to be more creative and started drawing and painting fulltime in 2008. She finds inspiration trough meditation, yoga and her amazing technique finger painting.


Artist Statement: I have always been fascinated by colours, even as a child, and as an adult I have found that flowers, clothes and cosmetics all provide me with regular sources of intriguing or delightful colour combinations. I become inspired to paint through silence and peace, by performing yoga, through meditation and by being in nature. I am trying to express my inner feelings from my soul in my work, but also relationships and emotions in and between human beings. I am very sensitive to the feelings of others, and that sensitivity forms an important part of my artwork. I am painting directly onto the canvas, always barefoot, often through finger-painting with the consequence that each painting becomes absolutely unique.


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Contact Information: 

e-mail: post@sirenes.no,

phone: Sigurd Fristad (+47) 47 88 98 41