10 Good reasons for buyting limited edition prints

10 Good reasons for buying one of Sirenes exclusive & limited Giclée prints


1. Limited editions. Each artwork will only be printed in maximum 30 copies. No more copies will be made. The unique number will be stated on the giclée print and signed by Sirenes.
2. Each copy can be tailored to your needs, Each copy can be tailored to your needs both in size of the print, selection of other colors than the original artwork or if you want to only print a part of a painting. Please ask for unique tailoring
3. The sizing of the print can be scaled up to fill a whole wall if needed. We can create a unique print exclusively for only you. Normal sizes is 61 or 111,8 cm wide and up to 15 meter long. Please ask for a large sizing option
4. Each copy can be printed on high quality paper. We recommend the high quality Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper which looks almost 100% as the original, see example. If you want it on a different high quality, please ask for it.
5. Each copy can also be printed on special canvas or glass Each copy can be printed with or without frames or with or without white borders around the print. Please ask for unique printing or framing
6. We have established a long term relationship with a professional provider; GicléeLab, GicléeLab takes care of both the high quality digitalisation and printing. Each print will have a Giclée Genuine Certificate signed by GicléeLab.
7. GicléeLab uses high quality Camera GicléeLabe uses Nikon 800 Camera with 36,3 Megapixels, ie approx 5200 ppi (points per inch) or 205 points per millimeter. If you want a format larger than 78 x 52 cm, we will take a separate photo with a panning tecnique; several photos will be taken and put together to one photo with 240 x 360 ppi resolution.
8. GicléeLab uses high quality printers GicléeLab uses Epson printers; Epson Stylus Pro 990 format up to 112cm x 12 meter and Epson Stylys Pro 4900, format up to A2. The printers are using UltraChrome HDR Inc in 10 colors and prints 2880 x 1440 points per inch.
9. Giclée print has superior quality Giclee can reproduce the exact colours of the original, this is superior quality compared to traditional graphical prints.
10. Giclée prints can last more than a lifetime The print can last longer than you live; from 67 - 200 years, far longer than traditional graphical prints.