July 11, 2015


Sirenes "Gentle as the music of Ravel"

Sirenes is an international recognized artist exhibiting and selling her artwork all over the world: 

  • Sirenes is currently represented by several international galleries; Onishi gallery, Studio 26 Gallery and Vivid ArtsNetwork in New York, ArtFushionGallery in Miami, Art Meet Gallery in Milano and Gallery Steiner in Vienna
  • Sirenes participated at the prestigeous 56th Art Biennale 2015 in Venize, with her painting "Roma Amor" at the exhibition "Grazie Italia" hosted by the national pavillions of Guatemala and Grenada. 
  • Sirenes was featured as one of UK's top 20 most excisted artists when Inside Artists Magazine launched their first Spring Issue in UK in 2015
  • Sirenes flower power collection has been featured in prestigeous Victoria and Alberts Museum Magazine, Vogue, House & Garden, Glamour, Oracle Magazine, Square Mile, Tempus, World of Interiors, Elle Decoration, Guards Polo Club's 60th Annual Year Book - Foreword writteh by The President of Guards Polo Club - HRH Duke of Edinburgh - Prince Phillip.
  • Sirenes has received several amazing art critics: New York based Art Critic Wilson Wong writes: "Sirenes conveys an even more elusive subject by virtue of her mastery of chromatic dynamics as vibrant and yet gentle as the music of Ravel" og "an atmospheric miasma conjured with a finesse that calls to mind the 19th century British painter J.M.V Turner". The canvas is transformed, in the words of Kandinsky suggests that one might think of her as an “Abstract Impressionist” writes Art Critic Denitza Nedkova, Bologna Italy. It seems appropriate to define this modus operandi as Lyrical Abstraction, able to combine the personal universe with the real world without the seemingly and imposed abstraction from the phenomenal.
  • Sirenes artwork can be bought safely here in her Online Art Gallery. All artwork are being packed properly and shipped with FEDEX all over the world at reasonable transport cost within few days after order being placed. 
  • With each purchase follows authentication certificate a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee where you can return the artwork within 30 days in the original packaging and get your money back.

"I would love to see my artwork hanging on your wall" 

Love, Sirenes

Sirenes exhibits at Grazie Italia at 56th Art Biennale in Venice 2015

Sirenes exhibits her artwork - Roma Amor - together with 60 other italian and international artists at the exhibition Grazie Italia at the 56th Art Biennale in Venice hosted by the pavillion of Guatemala and Grenada. Curator Arianna Fantuzzi


The opening reception was held wednesday July 8th 16:00 - place Officina delle Zattere, Fondamenta Nani Dorsoduro 947 First Floor Venezia - The Exhibition lasts until August 8th - free entrance

Sirenes was present at the official opening reception July 8th - see pictures https://www.facebook.com/SirensMalerier

If you are in Venice this summer - please stop by
Artists: Rosa Soravito, Paola Moglia, Osvalda Pucci, Giuliana Maddalena Fusari, Antonella Spinelli, Mimma Alessandra, Emanuela Fera, Gian Luigi Castelli, Franca Bellachioma, Lucio Tarzariol, George Tkabladze, Erika Calesini, Franco Paletta, Lydia Lorenzi, Mariano Pieroni, Wright Grimani, Mario Testa, Carlo Marraffa, Maria Adelaide Stortiglione, Silvio Balestra, Salvatore Alessi, Brigitta Rossetti, Giulio Ottaviani, Annamaria Volpe, Stefania Berta, Sirenes, Alessandra Mussolini, Rita Vitaloni, Gabriella Dumas Burgato, Mauro Capitani, Solveig Cogliani, Luisella Traversi Guerra, Margherita Picone, Michelangelo Venturini, Jole Caleffi, Claudio Bandini, Osvaldo Mariscotti, Alberto Magrin, Eugenio Alazio, Stefano Benazzo, Antonio d’Amico, Carla Zampieri Moiso, Reina Rosema, Laura Longhitano Ruffilli, Marilena Rango, Beatrice Serpieri, Giordano Eresto Sala, Gabriella Mingardi, Ombretta Ter, Patrizia Borrelli, Lidia Bobbone, Paivyt Niemelainen, Karen Salicath Jamali, Ninni Pagano, Giovanni Boldrini, Laura Bruno, Orfeo Reda, Reol Anulao Capuno, Tiziana Monaco, Young Ae Yi, Elsie Wunderlich

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