Thank you all for a fantastic 2014

A remarkable year for Sirenes is coming to an end and it is time to say “Thank you All”:

Thank you all Galleries which have presented Sirenes to art lovers all over the world. Sirenes artwork have now been exhibited on all 5 contintents

Thank you all Art Magazines & book publishers, interior and other magazines which have presented Sirenes artwork to millions of Readers.

Thank you all Art lovers which have purchased Sirenes original artwork and print

Thank you all Sirenes followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and newsletter audience.

Sirenes latest art project, the Flower Power Collection have been received so positively and she has continued to create more artwork in this collection during her winter stay in West Hollywood.  

On behalf of Sirenes, my beloved wife and artist, I thank you all – from West Hollywood where we celebrate christmas and new year. Looking forward to seeing you around in 2015 with new colorful artwork by Sirenes.  

Sirenes wishes all art friends a great christmas period and a happy new year in 2015 - you can enjoy the Sirenes Winter Edition 2014 - 15 of her Art World Magazine anytime by following this link